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Quality Certification Process

The Rubber Board operates a scheme for testing and inspection of rubber. Block Rubber (ISNR) and Centrifuged Latex are graded by physical and chemical tests and marked “ISI” to ensure conformity to the set standards. The Rubber Board is authorized to inspect and certify the Indian standards for Natural Rubber. The specification standards for Natural Rubber stipulated by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) were developed in collaboration with the Rubber Board.
These are : 1. ISNR Centrifuged Latex Double Centrifuged Latex
2. IS 4588-1986 IS 5430-1981 IS 11001-1984

Certification - Quality of exportable rubber is further ensured by ‘Quality Certification Scheme’ operated by the Rubber Board. ISNR and Centrifuged Latex undergo strict quality control checks and analytical testing for issue of quality certifications. RSS grades are checked in tune with Green Book Standards. Global customers rely on there acknowledged measures in product quality and customization.

Branding - Exporters who join the branding scheme are permitted to use the LOGO of the Rubber Board on all their produce that conform to the relevant Indian standards. This logo commands a strong brand call and symbolizes the seal of trust on quality.

The stringent quality control has made Indian Natural Rubber the preferred choice of blue chip companies in India and the world over.

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